Company Facilities in Vlissingen

Facilities in Vlissingen

With its new production facilities and adapted organisational approach in state-of-the-art shipbuilding Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding has every reason to look forward to a healthy continuation of its long tradition.


DSNS has two main construction and outfitting facilities, one in 'Vlissingen City' and one in the Industrial Area 'Vlissingen East'.


Over the last 7 years the facilities of DSNS have gone through a comprehensive restructuring and newbuilding process and can now be ranked among the highest standard available in the industry.


2004 saw the completion of the cover of Dock 2, in which large vessels, such as Landing Platform Docks can be constructed and overhauled. Since 2006 major investments have been made at the Vlissingen East facility, such as the installation of new machinery in the welding hall,  the construction of a new central store building and a dedicated store for steel plates and pipes (completed 2009). Assembly Hall 2 was extended in 2009. In this hall the frigates for the Royal Moroccan Navy are being assembled at greenfield level, a construction method well proven in the construction of super yachts at the Vlissingen City site.


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