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HOLLAND   408 RNLN 08-12-2008 02-02-2010 12-05-2011
ZEELAND    409  RNLN  21-09-2009 20-11-2010 20-10-2011
FRIESLAND   410 RNLN 26-11-2009 04-11-2010 11-04-2012
GRONINGEN   411 RNLN 09-04-2010 21-04-2011 16-01-2013

Class particulars  


The Patrol Vessel as designed for the Royal Netherlands Navy measures 108 meter in length and 16 meter in breadth. Total displacement is 3750 tonnes.


The vessel accommodates 50 crew and up to 40 non-listed persons, such as helicopter crew and medical teams. Further some 100 evacuees can be boarded.  The ship's speed is approx 22 knots. To optimize the seakeeping behaviour of the vessel the hull has been stretched, and the bridge and superstructure are located relatively aftwards.


The propulsion plant consists of 2 main diesel engines of approx 5400 kW each. Alternatively electric propulsion can be chosen for low speed operations.

To support interception operations, 2 large RHIB's and one NH-90 helicopter are boarded. The stern RHIB will be launched and recovered via a slipway in the stern.


The weapon suit consists of one 76 mm gun, one 27 mm automatic gun and two automatic medium calibre gun systems.

In order to reduce the vulnerability, the vessel will be outfitted with ballistic features, blast resistant constructions, redundant and decentralized systems, a gas citadel, extensive fire fighting systems and additional measures to reduce the effects of flooding.


Automation level for this vessel is high, and includes a shore support system, a shore management system, a calamity system, a warning system, an overview system and extensive subsystem automation.

Also the communication and networks are state of the art, so as to support and direct all authorities involved.


The Patrol Vessels will be the first vessels of the Royal Netherlands Navy equipped with the Thales Integrated Sensor & Communication Systems (ISCS), an integrated mast module which integrates practically all RF systems, radars as well as communication and optical sensors on board of the ship in one housing

Together with this Integrated Sensor & Communication Systems (ISCS) these four advanced Patrol Vessels can face the threats and missions of today and tomorrow.



Dimensions (m) 108,43oa x 16,00 x 4,55 
Displacement (t) 3750
Main machinery 2 x diesel engines at 5400 kW mcr
   2 shafts with CPP diameter 3,20
Speed (knots) 21,5
Range (nautical miles) 5000 at 15 knots
Accommodation 90



Integrated Mast Module with:

  • non-rotating, active phased array volume search radar
  • non-rotating active phased array surface detection and tracking radar
  • IFF system
  • EO-IR panoramic surveillance system
  • RADIAC sensors

Combat management system,

Command and Information Centre

Remotely controlled: 1 x 76 mm gun, 1 x 20-30 mm gun, 2 (+2) machine-guns

Integrated internal & external communication system with 7 separated networks