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Sigma Series

Proven hull design


A systematic hull form series has been set up, which has extensively been model tested on hydrodynamic performance. This has resulted in an optimal hull form series, ranging from 50 to 150m in length and 9 to 15m width. With this range, the whole spectrum from Offshore Patrol Vessel, via corvette to frigate is being covered. The vessels have been built up in a standardised modular way, using off the shelf equipment where possible. This approach allows the client to compose its own vessel of standard blocks. Of course every vessel can be further customised, based on specific client requirements like amount of equipment, type and make.


For the client this SIGMA Design Philosophy offers the following advantages;


  • Flexibility in establishing the optimum arrangement of the clients current operational requirements, whilst maintaining the possibility to implement the changing needs of tomorrow.
  • Easy implementation of modifications or upgrades in the future,  avoid premature obsolescence of the vessel.
  • Affordability by making use of standard equipment where possible. For every vessel the basis is being formed by a repetitive design, allowing for lower engineering cost. Due to the modular set up of the vessel, standardized production methods are being applied.
  • Wide selection of hull dimensions and different combat suites, all making use of proven product compositions.
  • Short lead time for engineering and construction, achieved by the modular set-up and standardization.


Balancing Military and Commercial Standards


Apart from the standardisation, the quality and competitiveness of the SIGMA series are further enhanced by Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding extended experience in applying a clever mix of commercial and military standards. This experience has been built up in the RNN's innovative programs over the last 25 years. This approach is now being applied onto the SIGMA series and allows the client to make a balanced selection of commercial and/or military standards and specifications, that matches his operational requirements.


With the SIGMA vessel built up to now, it can be stated that the design has proven itself.